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Free and Funny Thinking Of You Ecard: Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised, and affecting my life.

Truth!!! I consider myself Christian but I also follow God because of how imperfect I am, not as a "right" to judge. When you judge people you have no room to love them.

Funny Confession Ecard: You call yourself a 'Christian,' but Jesus wasn't a snob who judged people for their imperfections.You may wanna get your Bible out & check up on that.

hahaha true

Free, Confession Ecard: I can't tell if I'm dealing well with life these days…

But really tho.... You can only complain about something for so long before no one cares anymore.

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Pew! That's the sound of me deflecting your whiny bitchin' with my happiness shield!

haha if only i could actually say that to some people... its more true than you think

The narcissist will ALWAYS blame others for their problems. The truth of the matter is that the narcissist is the common denominator.

Commonly Misused Phrases That Will Make You Sound Unprofessional

Commonly Misused Phrases That Will Make You Sound Unprofessional Find out the ways our team will assit you in finding the best solution to begin a new lifestyle.

Yuck, I have almost broken my neck trying to flush with my foot.

Public toilet = flush with foot. I always use my foot to flush ALWAyS in public bathrooms

Better to have loved and lost....... .......than to have ended up married to that massive wanker .

Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: Better to have loved and lost.than to have ended up married to that massive wanker .

You don't bother me, I won't let you.

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: I almost let what you said upset me. Then I remembered you're a spoiled, immature bitch.

"Just relax and accept the crazy" . . . I feel like I should write that on business cards and pass them out when I'm being a little quirky.

People completely off their rocker out there - Real or Fake - Page 5

i love how we can look at each other and without saying anything, know we are making fun of the same person.  #someecards

Sisters, am I right? Totally not just a sister thing my husband and I do this all the time SD

It's Not Called "Bitching". It's Called "Laying It ALL Out On A Platter For You In Case You Were Unaware". | Confession Ecard

When I say "I'd like to talk", what I really mean is "I'd like to completely blindside you & unleash weeks of pent up frustration & resentment until you understand my feelings." uh, yeah, pretty much.