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Shiny Penny

Big bang theory - I love that even though Amy and Bernadette are here, only penny gets to be like "Bitch please, I'm wearing a damn bond girl dress"

tv or parallel world

The Big Bang Theory Logic! Waitress - can afford the same apartment as a physicist with a PhD

Pure awesomeness....love this. This man is amazing!!! What a great show.

Pure awesomeness

The Big Bang Theory Geeks Meet Stephen Hawking.a real life theoretical physicist

Penny and Sheldon

Penny, I'm a physicist. (Gif)-Season Episode 18 - The Work Song Nanocluster hehehehe so funny!

Couldnt be any bettter!!!

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Melissa Rauch (cast of The Big Bang Theory) dress as Rocky Horror Picture Show characters, posing backstage at the Annual benefit for the Alzheimer's Association OMG Freakin Awesome!

Big Bang Theory Cast

Celebrities – 40 Pics Fresh Cut Dress - Chambray Cast Members Of The Big Bang Theory – 30 Pics Jennifer Aniston

When Leonard did the walk of shame, and Penny didn't hesitate to call him on it.

21 Moments "The Big Bang Theory" Had Absolutely No Chill

When Leonard did the walk of shame, and Penny didn’t hesitate to call him on it. Did she really call him slut?