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I drew this for . I requested a Tails/Cosmo, and I don't think she likes that pairing too much, so I decided to draw her a Tails/Cream pic, because I know she likes it. Plus I've got a few friends ...

This is just perfect. While I may not support Tails and Cream together, I do support the ship they're cosplaying as which is Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia, or WildeHopps.

425- "Huh? No. I did get one from Blaze. I haven't looked at it yet. Let's see... oh. My. Gosh. Tails! Tails look at this!" "What is it? Oh my word! This is too funny!" "He looks like he's only as tall as you!" "I know! And he's riding on Tabby's shoulders! This is awesome!" "I knew you two would like that!" Sonic grinned. "I will have to show that to Cream!" "Oh, how is the little tyke? I haven't seen her in a while." "Neither have I." "She's good." Tails said, "Been worried about you…

My daddy as Sonic is best known to be the first in the show with his wife Amy and and bro tails and cream the bunny and me as little girl myself lightning as good girl

Pg. 153-The first thing I feel is the pain. I can barely open my eyes, and there's a dull throbbing in my face. "Ow," I say to no one in particular. I look at my surroundings, but everything is still pretty blurry. I seem to be in a small gray room. Am I on the Geo's blimp? I try to move but both my hands and feet are tied to the chair I'm sitting on.

(Open rp) He walks up and holds out a bouquet. "For you, happy birthday!" "You got these for me? Oh! Thank you, Tails!" "Anything for my girl!" I blush and look away. (I'll take the characters Cream and Shadow, for now. Tails and Sonic needed.)

Shadow the Hedgehog Running animation | like Amy and Cream too~ They are so helpful and kind when there on ...

141- They sit down and chat until Blaze and Silver return. Soon they're back with bags of food. "Oh my word the line at the check out was so long!" Exclaims Silver. Amy gets up and helps put away the groceries. Then she and Blaze start to make lunch. Cream helps where she can so the boys just sit in the living room and talk. Silver started. "So, Tails, why did you guys take a nap on the roof on Halloween?" "Huh? I- I wanted to show her some of the star formations." "Why on the roof?"