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I see the moon...    My "uncle Cecil" taught this to me when I was about 3...but instead of saying "God Bless Me"....I said, "God Bless Uncle Cecil".  I loved him...RIP Uncle Cecil.

i see the moon, and the moon sees me. The moon sees somebody I'd love to see. God bless the moon, and God bless me. God bless the one I love.

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Her daddy dressed up as Prince Charming for her Cinderella birthday party! This is so cute. I can't even deal with it.

Nice Tutu, Dad: 9 Fathers Who Do Silly Things For Love

Her daddy dressed up as Prince Charming for her Cinderella birthday party.Yes, if I have girly princessy girls and they ask for a princess birthday party you can bet your boots that daddy will be her Prince Charming!

Put an apron in a mason jar and write out a recipe. For the woman who has everything and you have no idea what to get her.

Put an apron in a mason jar and write out a recipe. Could also do: cookies/bars in a jar, recipe, folded apron and a mixing spoon/spatula/cookie scooped/cookie cutters, etc. in a cute little gift bag!but just the apron works too.

Playing "Mother May I"?" Someone would play "Mother" and the others would stand a certain distance back. Each player takes a turn asking mother if they could move forward, etc. She/he would reply with "Yes/no you may/may not" or an alternative. the winner was the one who reached Mother first.

Mother may I?

"Mother may I take 3 giant steps?" On summer nights us kids would play mother may I, while our parents sat on the front porch and talked.

20 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Great ideas for working on fine motor skills with your tots -- these 20 projects and crafts help build fine motor skills. Nice guide by skill set!

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Tomorrow brings a shiny new day! I have a big day tomorrow so closing up shop for the evening. Sweet dreams everyone!

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I love you a bushel and a peck.a bushel and a peck and hug around the neck.and a barrel and a heap!