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Olympic wrestling

olympic wrestling

Jordan Burroughs USA Olympic wrestler

Wrestling Is The Oldest Sport. THE OLDEST SPORT. | 5 Reasons Why It's Insane That The Olympics Are Dropping Wrestling

Save Olympic Wrestling

Save Olympic wrestling

U.S. Olympics wrestling trials

HELLENISTIC BRONZE NUDE DISCOBOLOS Posed in the iconic stance, about to let loose his discus. 2nd-1st Century BC

Kore (female statue) is the name given to a type of ancient Greek sculpture from the Acropolis Archaic period (600 – 480 BCE). There are multiple theories on who they represent, and as to whether they represent mortals or deities. One theory is that they represent Persephone, the daughter in the triad of the Mother Goddess cults or votary figures to attend the maiden goddess.

Bronze Wrestlers Hellenistic Greek 2nd-1st Century BC The knotted hairstyle of the wrestlers indicates that they are professional competitors, participating in one of the most popular Greek athletic contests. Contestants were not permitted to strike blows, but were allowed to break their opponents' bones. Source: The Walters Art Museum

A Panathenaic amphora with a depiction of a winged Nike (Victory) watching a wrestling match waiting to crown the victor. These amphoras were given as prizes in the Panathenaic Games. Depending on the sport and the victory, a winner could receive from 4 of these amphoras to 40 of them- all filled with 36 kilos of olive oil. The athlete could then trade this oil- and the amphoras. The oil was sold all over the Mediterranean and it was especially sought after by young athletes.