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I want to say this to Klove. Don't get me wrong, I love that station but it can get annoying listening to the same songs all day, every day.

ugh I hate listening to the radio Cuz it seems as tho all of them play the same songs over and over again. One time in the car, and I kid u not, 4 radio stations were playing the same song and the exact same time.so ya.


The only thing worse than having a song stuck in your head for an entire day is not knowing the name of the song

uhuh, or when you wave at a random person thinking it is someone you know....

lol, Yes, this has happened to me! Then I wave to someone I don't know while they give me a weird look as the head to the person they were really waving at.

Yeeeesssss!!!! Then my parents say that I can't concentrate on my work when I listen to music and I'm all like "uuuummmmmmm......  No. "

Teenager Post Music while doing homework. Music while cleaning my room. Music while working out. I get more things done with music.

Like, all the time

I do and I don't even notice. It's probably really irritating to people who have to listen to me talk.and by probably I mean it is because you have no idea how many people a day tell me to stop saying like!

I at least try to throw in some funny voices.

i do this a lot. is that wrong?me:nahhh im sure a lot of people do it

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the real definition of never mind is you should’ve listened the first time

Flaunt that bump! ~Playtex Baby~

Flaunt that bump! ~Playtex Baby~