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The Mayor (C) escorting Miss America 1940 (R) & Miss Atlantic City 1941 on the boardwalk at the resort & convention city. - Alfred Eisenstaedt 1941

1950s Ray Leighton photo of Pat Crum, Lillian Galvin, Pam Toyer, Pam Inch and (Lillian’s sister) Dorothy Galvin on hollow boards at Manly Allan Jackson sent me a note recently about his mum, Lakemba femlin Lillian Jackson (that’s her second on the left, cool smile), immortalised in this 1950s photo, and offered to ask Lillian to provide added info on the photo. Here’s what she wrote… I have been in touch with Betty Leighton regarding the names of the girls on the boards. Pat Crum…

Bathing Beauty, Jones Beach, 1950 ... Jones Beach was the safety valve of New York City. My mom (above) and I usually went to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, but it was often sweltering there and the orange, odoriferous water, especially in those years, was anything but pleasant. So off we went to Jones ... Bathing suits back then just looked so much better!

Glamour and swimming went hand in hand. New elastane, elastex and in the 1930s and 1940s – the introduction of nylon – meant that swimsuits could be figure hugging and flattering to the female silhouette.After the war Lycra helped suits to become even more figure hugging.