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Teach kids about critical literacy with this bookmark! Permission to copy for classroom use.

Lead towards literacy success! Permission to copy for classroom use, or request a copy: www.pembrokepublishers.com

Critical Literacy text

good for critical literacy

critical literacy.

All about critical literacy: videos, powerpoints, strategies, what does critical literacy look like in the classroom?

Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures: Literacy

Media literacy

Bring real-world authenticity to literacy analysis by including movie criticism in your lessons.

5 questions to increase engagement and critical thinking in your classroom.

Organizing literacy centers in pencil pouches. Space saver!

This would be good to display in the classroom to remind students how to problem solve using their critical thinking skills.

Daily 5 Literacy Menu in Sixth Grade! Read to Self, Read to Someone, Talk about Books, Work on Writing, and Work on Words

These 72 differentiated literacy sentence starters will help your students develop the necessary communication skills to discuss books in meaningful ways. These cards can be used to focus student discussions during Turn and Talk and partnership times. They may also be used as sentence starters in literacy journals. I've included 4 blank cards for you in case you'd like to add your own sentence starters.

Blooms Taxonomy Quick Reference Guide! Critical Thinking Skills by Enokson, via Flickr

The Book Chook: Visual Literacy - Investigate and Play with Images

The Book Chook: Digital Literacy - Fake Websites

edutopia.org A great website founded by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Check it out for classroom management, project based learning, differentiated classrooms, and thoughtful articles.

Teach others!

I. NEED. this. in. my. classroom. NOW.

What a great book list about facing adversity. Great tools for teaching empathy.