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      Teach kids about critical literacy with this bookmark! Permission to copy for classroom use.

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    Do your students need guidance using the internet as a real research tool? These tips and tricks will help them sift through information, ask the right questions, and find what they are really looking for.

    Don't miss these fantastic tools! You'll find handy tech "refocusers" — quick and easy activities to engage students and enliven your classroom. Download the tools, and try them today!

    Poster: Building Classroom Routines. A Collaborative, Inquiry-Based Approach to Creating Classroom Routines (Adapted from Classroom Routines for Real Learning by Jennifer Harper & Kathryn O'Brien) *Copies Available!*

    Students' a little stressed? Help them learn to recognize where their stress comes from, and what they can do about it, with this handy bookmark! (Adapted from Stop the Stress in Schools by Joey Mandel) *Copies Available!*

    Can your students formulate questions that fall into each of the Six Thinking Hat categories? Challenge them to spark some fun discussion! #inquiry

    Exploding the Reading: 10 Ways to Respond to Story I Adapted from Exploding the Reading by David Booth *Copies Available!*

    At a Loss for Words? 7 Ways to Start a Conversation in Role I Adapted from Dramathemes, 4th Edition by Larry Swartz *Copies Available!*

    Poster: 5 Simple Ways to Learn Together *Copies Available!*

    Are you seaching for creative ways to make spelling and language study fun and interesting for your students? Check out these spelling and word play challenges from Doreen Scott-Dunne! These intriguing exercises are sure to make students think more carefully about the words they see and use (and spell!) every day.

    Poster: 5 Simple Ways to Learn Together I Adapted from 3-Minute Motivators

    Poster: Have students Communicate, Collaborate, Create! using interactive whiteboards. *Copies Available!*

    Writing for Success: Criteria Checklist and Feedback

    Independent Reading Organizer: 8 Opportunities for Learning on a Single Page... Track Your Reading "Inside the Box"

    What Are You Feeling? Build students emotional and literacy vocabulary to help them develop the skills needed to function effectively in school and beyond I Adapted from Joey Mandel's MOMENT TO MOMENT *Copies Available!*

    Keep reading and writing organized with these handy task cards that will help teachers and students keep track of daily literacy activities. *Copies Available!*

    5 Steps to Solving Any Math Problem! *Copies Available!*

    QUESTION GRID GAMESHOW! Help students generate different types of questions about what they’re reading. RULES: 1. Create two dice: 1 with the six interrogatives, 1with six sets of verbs. 2. Make 2 teams. Students in one team take turns rolling dice and generating questions. 3. The other team has a chance to answer each question. If they can, the square is awarded to their team. 4. The team with the most squares to their credit is the winner! *Copies Available!*

    Help guide readers with this Remote Control Reading bookmark. *Copies Available!*

    Looking for Talk... Encourage students to find and use their voice with this bookmark. *Copies Available!*

    What is Writing Power? Find out with this handy bookmark! Permission to copy for classroom use.

    Fill Your Brain with Reading Power! Permission to copy for classroom use.

    Teach kids about critical literacy with this bookmark! Permission to copy for classroom use.

    Lead towards literacy success! Permission to copy for classroom use, or request a copy: www.pembrokepubli...

    Go Digital! and learn to navigate the online world of wikis, blogs, and more! *Copies Available!*

    A story frame for great writing, every time! Permission to copy for classroom use.