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Jonny, lead singer of Nothing More, always does this thing where he pushes on his throat. Hey, it works, so.

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Jonny is laughing with you Jager. Jonny Hawkins, Nothing More (Texas) with DJ Jager (Louisiana) down under. Reliving good times at Clicks.

Music is the most amazing thing in the world. It's incredible the way it can make you feel. It's not just my hobbie, it's more than I could ever try to even explain. I want to produce music for people to enjoy, to be able to metaphorically hold their hand when times are rough. I'll go with "Purpose" for this one, because this picture reminds me of my goal.

If You Like Pop Punk And Aren't Listening To The Wonder Years, You're Seriously Missing Out

Two of the greatest things, The Wonder Years & Adventure Time!