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* "Morning Blue" by Agus Nonot Supriyanto - Spider web, dew, droplets, blue, photography, animal, arachnid

Morning Blue by Agus Nonot Supriyanto (a wet spider's web on a blue morning).

Photo: Oh, what magnificent webs they weave  - Food & Living - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -

Wow, what a spider artist we have here! I wonder, do different kinds of spiders create different kinds of webs? Or does it just where they are building the web that determines the shape? Such a pretty star-shaped web!

Pearly Dew Drops Drop

Pearly dew drops drop

Spider Web Nature Photography Pearly dew by EyePoetryPhotography

https://flic.kr/p/5EpaFs | Brown Widow Spider from Florida | Brown Widow Spider…

Banana Spider Phoneutria, commonly known as Brazilian wandering spiders, armed spiders, or banana spiders, are a genus of aggressive and venomous spiders of potential medical significance to humans.

Charlotte's winter home                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Two of my favourite things.spirals and spiderwebs Charlotte's winter home

spider season | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

it seems to be spider season in our garden,webs all over the place,so i went out with my sigma macro lens and took a few snaps

Twitter      „frosted cobwebs on iron railings in Eye Suffolk England“  by Trigger Image

Frosted cobwebs on iron railings in Eye Suffolk England“ by Trigger Image

Razão de viver....

Even spiders love flowers. Spiders are clever and spin their web in areas that bugs are drawn too, such as flowers, and near an outside light during the night.

Tree shrouded in spiderwebs

I figured out a cool way to make spider webs for Halloween : take a hot glue gun and an air compressor let the glue drip & blow it

Garden gate design

One of the most wondrous creations in nature. The twinkling diamond dew threaded on a spider's web :) Awesome!

~~Perle ~ spider web macro by Stéphane Picot~~

Stéphane Picot’s beautiful macro photography makes me dread the spring resurgence of bugs a little less. Especially if it means getting to see more photos like these.