George Michael

George Michael

george michael

George Michael

George Harrison.

Slash, the andsome rock guitarist. Present in the debuts of guns ' n roses, it has brought out this year its album in association with Myles Kennedy. You can follow him here :

Marvin Gaye - One of the most gifted, visionary, and enduring talents ever...

George Michael

George Michael: Faith

Faith: George Michael in his Eighties heyday

George Michael <3

Michael Jackson

Bret Michaels........yummy!!!

1987 George Michael - Faith: Macho-macho maaaan. A look that really killed. Mum fell in love again, my brother bought the sunglasses, had the hair on the face, GM-badges in stock. Like it? Check out the Limp Bizkit cover :)

Bob Marley

George Benson

the master- Carlos Santana!

whitney houston

Roy Orbison. omg --- Pretty Woman , the song of songs, came out at the same time as The Beatles first album. They were forever fused together.

Have to love Kiss !!! My Parents thought we lost our minds when we started to like this band