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Ryan Lochte and his nephew. OH. MY. GOD.

What's better than Ryan Lochte.Ryan Lochte and a baby.Swoon :) Ryan Lochte with his nephew.

Dear Ryan Gosling, my long-standing crush on you is not fading ONE BIT. I don't care if you're dating that chick from Gossip Girl (I've never seen the show, so I have no idea who she actually is). Sincerely and with affection, me

How to Look Like a Movie Star

Best Gray Paint Colors according to Ryan Gosling. Read this if you like gray paint and/or Ryan Gosling.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew Mcconaughey/ I had problems pinning this one. didn't know where to pin it. thing I really like. things I want. so I thought I would just leave it at PEOPLE I ADMIRE.

Of course I love Pampered Chef and Ryan Gosling so this is very fitting!

Back To School - It's No Joking Matter

This is really stupid, but when I read it, it made me laugh from a teacher perspective. Just the idea of the hot guy telling you (the teacher) that you rocked your new seating arrangement. Something about it just made me giggle.

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Ryan Lochte

i just want to take a moment to thank God for the olympics. and team usa. and ryan lochte

Ryan Gosling shirtless ... need I say more?

Ryan Gosling ~ Emma Stone’s character in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ said it all to Ryan's Jacob: “Seriously, it’s like you're photo-shopped.” We couldn’t agree more -- Ryan’s abs are on another level of hotness ~ Hollywood's Most Ab-tastic Stars

Olympics!!!!.....Ricky Berens, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps... cant wait to see these boys

Ricky Berens, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps. God bless the US.love me some Ryan Lochte

Marilyn and James Dean

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Poster, had this for the longest time in my house! I have this poster!