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    Alice's parents forced her to wear the rabbit mask and stay inside all day. She did not know why, but she found herself fascinated with daydreaming about another life. Then, one day, she saw a white rabbit and, mistaking it for her own kind, she followed it outside, against her parent's rules, and discovered a strange new world...

    Methods of Transportation #3

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    Blue cat mask #masque #maschera #mascara #head #weird #cat - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

    ANGEL MASK by Amy Judd Art, via Flickr

    sparkle bomb!

    I was going to make some joke about this Priya but im not going to lie, Id kill for this dino head. free Twitter mobile apps

    Photo: Tim Walker.

    Playful and fun photos with oversized animal heads as props.

    Black & white - La Maison Borrelly - #blackandwhite #noiretblanc #couleur #inspiration #style #photo #image #pictures #tendance -

    This week, our blog of petty photographic grievances is dedicated to the animal mask.

    Do this with white clothes (Maybe a white bandage wrap) and make up to create blank slate and then add on features in stages...ask Kierney to model and Victoria to paint?

    @Rachel Ross

    ace commune - paper mache horse head--needs a forelock and mane.

    Fox are seen as totems throughout the world: the Chinese believed they could take human form, in Egypt the fox brought favor from the Gods, there was a fox God in Peru, foxes help the dead get to the next life in Persia. Cherokees, Hopi other American Indian tribes believed in its healing power; the Apache even credited the fox with giving man fire. --unknown - Fox Shaman #towardthewithin

    Sad panda boy -- "That makes me a saaaad panda." (I like this mask!)

    rabbit mask

    bunny girl

    alice in an urban wonderland

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