Alice's parents forced her to wear the rabbit mask and stay inside all day. She did not know why, but she found herself fascinated with daydreaming about another life. Then, one day, she saw a white rabbit and, mistaking it for her own kind, she followed it outside, against her parent's rules, and discovered a strange new world...

I was going to make some joke about this + Priya but i'm not going to lie, I'd kill for this dino head.

Methods of Transportation #3

Blue cat mask #masque #maschera #mascara #head #weird #cat - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

Maybe I'm starting to develop a fetish for men with rabbit masks...

@Rachel Ross

Here comes my birdday almost almost hehe been a real good gril..may the bird of happiness drop many blessings on my head tweet tweet....birthday girl

(5) animal mask | Tumblr

Alice in Wonderland….i have been visited by similar in 1973 when I was 8yrs, the ears were brushing back as it moved through the doorway….i asked my parents if they did dress up at easter, they definitely didn't…..maybe my imagination, so real though

ANGEL MASK by Amy Judd Art, via Flickr

cynicats: Hattie Watson - L’ecole des Femmes - Spring 2012 by L’ECOLEDESFEMMES on Flickr.

I am incognito. You cannot see me. A chameleon camouflage against the backdrop. Invisible, but seeking courage. maske apokries

Saxophone Dreams by Chelsea Fisher. listening to records in a bunny head. i think doing this would just make any day better.

Anna Garforth - every other family and other animals ...where the wild things are shadow mask photo funny side of life

Alice Tea

This may be weird but when I'm on stage i see the crowd with animal heads. //secret of mine

"Killer White Rabbit" from the UK TV series "Misfits", Season 4 - Episode 6 | Director: Jonathan Van Tulleken, 2012: