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Hurry it up!...haha, my daddy has said this to me many of times before we would go hunting in the morning.

Since having kids I've noticed myself saying this at times... With the charm and artistry of the good ol’ days, Chicago-based studio Starshaped Press creates old-fashioned letterpress prints using antique metal and wood type and old-school print processes. A completely computer-free operation, this print shop uses century-old type elements and is happily stamped in the past.

Southern Sayings Greeting Card Sets. Made in #Tennessee.

Love this saying!

John Wayne Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes

My daddy use to say this

Raised in Louisiana, I spent 20 years away in California. Decided to bring my boys back to where life is simpler. Even with the mosquitos and the hot, humid summers, there's no place like HOME for me... Southern at heart, with a "twist."

RUN! HIDE! * * * * * PA'S COMIN' WITH A SWITCH! How many times? Hopefully not too many for y'all.