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letter to santa between 1910-1915

Dear Santa . .this is just precious, how cool would it be to work them into a wreath or garland? Fabulous

I'm a big fan of this breakdown on Santa. I appreciated the idea behind Santa as a child, but this letter from a child's parents just smashes the nail on the head for me. I dislike the idea of "robbing" the magic of Christmas from my children with "the truth", but with a message like this I don't feel as though I have to anymore. Awesome.

PRINTABLE LETTER FROM SANTA Please √ Comment √ Share √ Like Thank you What child wouldn't be thrilled to receive a letter from Santa? surprise the kids with this adorable printable letter comes with the printable envelope to match, You can personalize it too!!!!

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How To Get A Letter From Santa Postmarked From The North Pole: It's simple to do, you can customize as much as you want, and it will only cost you a stamp!

..ahhhh, santa..still remains one of the biggest ongoing disagreement of mine & my husband's marriage..but I must admit, for all our friends incorporating santa into their Christmases, it is a very sweet explaination.

How to tell kids Santa isn't really real

Letter to child about Santa - I think I'm as ready as I'm going to be to tell Christopher this year the truth about Santa :-( .... even though he's been voicing his doubt for a couple years now lol

Keep copies of your children's letters to Santa. Put in a scrapbook to give to them when they're older. So cute!

Station to write letters to Santa. Could also create a North Pole mailbox for them to put their letters on by Santa's seat

Letters to Santa | Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas

Letter to Santa Freebie

Letters to Santa mailbox

This would be fun to do with the whole family, not just kids. AND it gives you gift ideas for the whole year!

This letter melts my heart. Its the question every child asks at some point. Even the biggest believers.


Want to use white feather boa instead....Dyani

A letter to a child who no longer believes in Santa

felt santa letter ornament-something like this would be cute to make with a pocket in the back to put the current Santa letter in. Then hang it on the tree or on a doorknob. One of Santa's elves can then take the letter....

Hopefully won't need this this year, but will definitely go to this when the time comes. Said perfectly.