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      Abraham Hicks: Forgiveness is the releasing of resistance That rascal helped you to take a bounce. You came for the bliss of expansion...not to suffer. The idea of forgiveness tends to keep you focused on the thing you are trying to overcome - Forgive in order to feel good not because someone has done wrong to you. Appreciate the opportunity of the expansion instead. (9.20 min)

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    Absolutely love this. You can only be bothered if you allow that negativity to be apart of your experience here.

    Just get general: “I know it’s going to work out. Things usually work out well for me. I can figure this out. I don’t have to figure it out this red-hot minute. Things will fall into place well enough. Everything is working out for me. I’ve been in places like this before. It eases up. It gets better. I know what to do. I can be a deliberate creator. Be general with your statements, but let your statements...(For more text AND AUDIO, click twice then.. See more) Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2360)

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    You are the creator of your own experience. You live in a vibrational universe. You have control of the signal that you emit. ~ Abraham Hicks ~

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