Pulpit Rock, Norway

train tree tunnel - Ukraine

Trolltunga in Norway

Northern Lights Norway amazing

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Roros, Norway

The Atlantic Road, Norway.

What not to do in Norway....seems like great travel tips in Norway from

Vøringfossen Waterfall ~ which plunges into the gorge of the Eidfjord, Norway by Stephen Emerson


Pictured Rocks, MI, USA. Hurry up, vacation!

Fredrikstad, Norway

Trolltunga, Norway

Norway, Hamnøy by Sam Kay.

Trolltunga (meaning: troll's tongue) is a piece of rock that juts out horizontally from a mountain above Skjeggedal Valley, Odda, Norway.


Patagonia... In my top 5 places I'd love to go to before I die. There is something very appealing about being at the lonely bottom of the world!

Atlantic Highway, Norway photo via jamie

Greece, Greece, Greece