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luminousinsect:  hammpix:  For those of you who don’t understand archaeology, I have made a diagram.  it’s all so clear now!

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Facciamo un gioco? - via FattoMatto.com

I'd tape up a picture of an angry sour patch kid on the wall with the duct tape. Then put a picture of the sweet sour patch kid in the cupboard with the toilet paper.

Present for my best friend http://ibeebz.com

Funny pictures about In case of miracle. Oh, and cool pics about In case of miracle. Also, In case of miracle.


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What to say about creative people. Creative people are so creative that don't leave toilets too. Here I have collected 30 most funny and creative toilets around the world.

I love this....what a wonderful way to embrace the loss of a toe!!

10 Adorable Small Tattoo Ideas

Word Tattoos - I love this and hats off to this person who lost her toe and still has a sense of humour about it. My first thought: I feel sorry for this person because flip flops would be really be hard to wear without a big toe 😳