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  • Kelli Williams

    Week-long care package. A Martha Stewart craft project cute idea

  • Elizabeth McElderry Johnson

    Week-long care package idea for Katie! A Martha Stewart craft project even I can do!

  • Merissa Magers

    BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Envelopes glued together (accordion style), fill with gift cards, little treats, etc. great idea for his bday care package

  • Deanna Gaharan

    Gift idea: care package intended for the first week of college -can be modified for other occasions....

  • Kelley Scruby

    Cute idea for birthday weeks or care packages

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BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Envelopes glued together (accordion style), fill with gift cards, little treats, etc.

I would love to get this care package at camp! That's a Lego head lamp!

Kuwait Deployment package #6 - Holy Care Package, Batman! .... This one was more expensive than the rest. I filled it up with Batman everything and topped it off with a card I knew would make him laugh.

Definitely using these on all the packages I send this Christmas! FREE printable cards, labels, and box decorations. www.TheDatingDiva...

Missionary Care Package Ideas. some of these are fun items we could maybe put inside the envelope care package posted previously. Sept enrichment missionary care packages. @Jill Taylor

cleaver box invitation or card. This would be so cute to ask bridesmaids. Just put a ring pop in the box with it!

Scripture power -powerade and other fun gift ideas to send a missionary

Themed Care package ideas

Halloween Missionary Care Package. for upcoming missionary enrichment night? or is it too soon for halloween stuff? Maybe we can make them for our ward missionaries?

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