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Being the adventurer I am, I have always wanted to try bungee jumping. Feeling of free fall as you approach the ground and then having the bungee chord catch you right before you hit is an amazing adrenaline rush that I want to experience in the next 10 years of my life.


Flathead Lake, Montana.

Flathead Lake, Montana. Living in MT, I have been there many is the most beautiful place you will ever see.

This 40-foot-long sliver of granite on Half Dome, named the Thank God Ledge, is the only way to get beyond the Visor, a massive roof that looms over the Regular Northwest Face route. Most people crawl, says Alex Honnold, but he prefers to walk it, face out, since that’s “cooler.” The 30 seconds it takes to get across requires absolutely no technical climbing skill, but even Honnold admits it’s sobering to look at 1,800 feet of air.

Bucketlist: Go Sky Diving with Friends! Skydiving is on SO many people's bucket lists! Is it on yours?