Japanese garden path

Peaceful and serene walking path leading to the main house. I imagine it as a path that you see before you see the home itself coming from the parking area. Almost like a path to heaven.

Bamboo path lit with oversized and very modern lantern. #cleverlife

Id want more space for Elason to play in the courtyard but I like the outdoor retreat feeling for her in the middle of the city. Nature (and open floor plan) is the main reason we want this house.


River Rock garden walk/ love it. Next house has to have a spot for a large flower garden w some sort of path.would love to do river rock

Une maison en bois entre rivière et montagne au Brésil

Картинки по запросу Casa na serra fluminense. Beto Figueiredo e Luiz Eduardo Almeida - Ouriço Arquitetura.

this shows two the single step I've used in my designs for your deck. treads should be wide (at least 12" but can be more) and the risers should be low (4" or 5") to make the transition comfortable

First Steps in Garden Design eco friendly decking. Good idea to lay some extra decking wood in the grass to make for a nice walkway. You could even put them down a slop like stairs!

Just a picture BUT Beautiful garden with walkway. I love the moss between the stones

Gorgeous Rock Pathway ideas for your yard and landscape. Stepping stone pathway with moss groundcover

Japanese garden in Clingendael Park, The Hague, Netherlands

Japanese garden in Clingendael Park, The Hague, Netherlands. The magnificent Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park is open to the public twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Admission is free.