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Photo: “J.K. Rowling: @kirikawa_juu Thank you for that beautiful painting. It really moved me! They're [Newt and Harry] two characters that mean so much to me.”

Intimacy in trust. Cordel de 3 dobleces no se dobla facilmente!! Specially lets trust in the Lord above ourselves and each other. We wont regret it

Instagram photo by hallstromhome - Public Service Announcement- I am so sick of hearing about mean people Particularly older women in the decor community on Instagram. Now I try to stay positive and up lifting but not today. I pretty much stick to myself and do what ever I want on IG but occasionally someone will send me a message telling me of a mean person. I think this happens because people know I care and am companionate to others. I try to be loving and kind (yet faulty I am) and so…

"It's you and me and all the other people, and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you."

Instagram Cheat Sheet: 14 Tips To Master It All [Infographic] |
from Bit Rebels

Instagram Cheat Sheet: 14 Tips To Master It All [Infographic]

__Gambler - Portrait 1__ - If you follow me you would of seen a photo I did of Gambler the Bernese Mountain Dog from December 2014. I ran across Gambler the other day and she's as beautiful as the first time I photographed her.

Ya! This is super true! Music, photos and other things invoke memories and brings the past flooding back for me on a consistent basis! Hateful things memories in terms of that. But on the up side sometimes they invoke wonderful memories of laughter and awesomeness too !:

Photography is one and many things, for me I model but for others there hobbling behind the camera trying to get that perfect shot.