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"That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!" This was one of my FAVORITE parts of the book and it totally made the movie for me! If the movie had ended there, I would have been happy, because that was hands-down one of the best musical numbers ever done on screen. <3

I wrote this on a post-it note on Valentines day and stuck it to the steering wheel of my husbands car. He was so touched.........until I confessed where the quote came from........(I should have kept my mouth shut!) <-previous pin was too cute to delete.

The 13 Dwarves In The Hobbit, Ranked By Hotness

The 13 Dwarves In The Hobbit, Ranked By Hotness. I'd definitely have the dark, smouldering, sexy rough Kili first, then Thorin for the same reasons but lesser as Kili, then Bofur and then blonde, pretty boy Fili and the others like they have them. Gah it's a sad, sick thought when I'm turned on by dwarves. I'm too tall for that.