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love ♡ alexa ☪ LOVE : ləv/ noun 1. an intense feeling of deep affection. LUST : ləst/ noun 1. very strong sexual desire

beautiful composition, texture and tones, photo ideas for child's 5 year old portrait (family tradition)

@Don Hunter this totally reminds me of the time when we were in 1st grade and you dropped flowers off at my doorstep. I love you :)

A girl and her dog. Love this little girl's outfit from head to toe. Photo by Esther Jansen Photographie.

The Mean girls inspired photo shoot was a hit with Teara and her 2 friends Pelegia and Elianore Repin #girly #girl for girly #girls lovers. Love #girlygirl

Two things about this photo grab me. 1 is that these two children will never know the trouble they would stir up if it were 2013. 2 the time a little girl could go without wearing a shirt and not be scandalous is so long gone.

"why you wanna marry me anyways" "so i can kiss you any time i want" -sweet home alabama this picture makes me think of that movie

I would love to know what he is saying. HAHA....Whatever it is...he is very passionate about it! Flower girl and ring bearer.

the most adorable picture of this little girl and all I can do is eyeball those green pots on the stove. I want so bad!