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Ijika town use ama in a campaign to stop littering

Ghibil Museum, Japan

A Japanese Country-Style Wooden Statue in Ohara Town, Kyoto Japan|大原女(おはらめ)

Owl Cafe..

Gymnastic Maneki-neko in Oharai-machi street, Ise, Mie by Teruhide Tomori (◠‿◠)

Via Ventura (Milan, Italy) by Bear in Mind

Noodles character

Maia Chavez Larkin

Only in Japan! Gaudy Urinal--plays music and sways side to side; good aim helpful.

Tree shaped telephone booth, Yakushima Island, National Park, Japan by Michael Stephens

Gomen-ne, The I'm sorry drink. Too funny!

(Albertus Seba)

無印良品くらしの備え。いつものもしも。 « Bunpei Ginza Ltd. || Usual Muji life

Noisy Alphabet by Tom Gauld

キューピーちゃんのテーブル(東京) Kewpie Doll Coffee Table, Tokyo, Japan

Maneki Neko, Tokoname by Daniel Rubio

Shinsengumi Colonel (The Shinsengumi were a sort of special police force in Bakumatsu period Kyoto) by T Seifman

by Nakagawa Takao

Rebekka Seale

Hong, Bo-young

fat cats sign