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Remains: A corridor in the abandoned infirmary is littered with old hospital equipment. The sprawling building now lies empty with hospital beds across wards

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Patrick Baillet is an artist and design teacher coming from France. Patrick samples famous classic paintings to reproduce it in squats and abandoned places, which makes his art quite unique and.

Corridor in the children's wards at West Park abandoned Asylum

**MISLEADING** 'Corridor in the children's wards at West Park abandoned Asylum' --This was the Creche caring for the children of staff. No children were ever kept as patients at West Park Hospital.

Purple Cells by Romany WG on flickr.

i was lost in a dream.a dream of purple cells and ceiling moss.hanging like cob webs above our heads. - anArtfulFairyTale thats like an asylum, watch Grave Encounters and you would never ever step by it or want to be in the same mile as it -CA