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Similar to Fakebook. A great way for students to show comprehension while connecting to current culture and technology.

Great template for making Facebook profiles for historical figures!

Like this for a getting to know you ice breaker

Exit tickets lots of ideas here

Exit Ticket Student Activity Cards I like the idea of Pre-printing different cards

Love TED Talks in the classroom?! Here is a versatile TED Talk viewer guide! This easy to use worksheet provides students with questions that may be used for any talk!

Here is a versatile TED Talk viewer guide worksheet provides students with questions that may be used for any talk.

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Book Genres: Book Tasting Menu - book tasting idea for the library to have students broaden what they read LOVE this idea!

A Refreshingly Simple Guide To Twitter For Teachers - Edudemic

A Refreshingly Simple Guide To For Teachers - Edudemic

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A great way to make getting to know your students fun! A free printable…

Google Forms can be used daily for classroom management and/or assessment OR they can be used when you need a break from the mundane

This is a webpage written by high school teachers for those who teach US history who want to find online content as well as technology that you can use in the classroom.

history detective printable  from whattheteacherwants.blogspot

Good when beginning a new unit

FREE DOWNLOAD! Character Texting:  A Fun Post-Reading Activity For ANY Fictional Reading Feedback is appreciated :)

This post-reading activity,"Character Texting," promotes reading comprehension and writing.

instagram profile project template - Google Search

This is an example of my Istagram

FREE Hunger Games Would You Rather Questions | Minds in Bloom

FREE Hunger Games Would You Rather Questions

Score Score Harper, let's have a hunger games party! Or is that weird to feast and have a party, then go and watch children starve?

fuckyeahrmstitanic: “(via mastermindblitzkrieg) ”

fuckyeahrmstitanic: “(via mastermindblitzkrieg) ”

Twitter Bulletin Board Templates

Georg, is this what you were looking for?

Free: Facebook Character Sketch Profile Activity. A new twist on the character sketch! Students will create a Facebook profile for a character from the novel (includes printable template).

A new twist on the character sketch.wonder if this could be used to present info about mathematicians.

iFake, create dialogue that looks like real text. Innovative Projects & Lessons

~ iFake Text ~ create a fake text dialogue between historical characters ~ combines (dialogue) writing with social studies ~ no phone needed ~ see if students notice there are no quotation marks when people text ~ could use it for book chats!