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DIVERSITY – Pureology has an extensive and diverse range of products to its name. From turning the crazy into something smooth and slick to adding volume and energy to the limp, this is a brand that takes on any challenge with gusto.

PUREOLOGY – You asked the question, and this is my answer - If I were a brand I would be the hair care line Pureology. What follows are the aspects of the brand that I feel are reflected in me.

THE PUREOLOGY PROMISE – The Pureology brand promises to dedicate itself to every task and produce results that are of a consistently high standard and quality. It has the ability to adapt and continue to grow to meet all possible requirements.

PUREOLOGY AND ME – As an applicant for the 2013 Internship, I pledge to live up to all the attributes described here. I am (like this brand), hard working, dedicated, and environmentally conscious, and I hope that you will see within me the potential to be a “one percenter”