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Hearing loss accelerates brain decline | Good to know!

Age Related Hearing Loss and the Link to Dementia - Caregiver Relief - Caregiver Relief

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Have we been washing our hands wrong forever?

Nurse Won't Give CPR, Elderly Woman Dies | What is wrong with people!

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Suffering from an unwanted ear infection?  Stop in our urgent care Los Angeles clinic today to receive quality care and effective treatment.

It's important to know -- there are some things your doctor isn't telling you about health. They could prevent your family from achieving true health.

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (and Other Food and Diet Industry Secrets)

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (And Other Food And Diet Industry Secrets)

There are a number of unhealthy ways to cope with pressure and anxiety, but "stress eating" candy and chips -- or turning to alcohol and energy drinks --.

family portrait - Buscar con Google

family portrait - Buscar con Google

A recent study shows: babies can be mean-spirited. | Agreed!

Babies can be mean-spirited: Psychological study

How to Make Sure At-Home Health Care Is Successful: Nurses, therapists, home health aides, and specialists can help manage your loved one's condition.

Home care is often short-term, but nurses, therapists and social workers can be invaluable in helping you learn skills and find resources for the long-term.

ADHD Meds?

ADHD Medications: 5 Vital Questions and Answers

Social Anxiety in Children: Helping Children with Social Phobia - HealthyPlace

Dear Dr Cannell: lupus and scleroderma | Vitamin D Council

Cannell answers questions on vitamin D, lupus and scleroderma.

If you’re a caregiver or parent of someone living with a chronic condition – you’ve got everything under control, right? Not true. Caregivers need care too. Many people who care for a loved one are at significantly greater risks for depression and other health issues. If you’re a caregiver – your dedication is unparalleled and amazing – but you still deserve to be cared for. It’s ok to ask for help. You are a strong person and don't have to carry the burden yourself. #mugshot #health…

Have you hugged a caregiver today? Moms raising children with special needs are caregivers. Their work goes beyond basic parenting.

Rihanna Surpasses Michael Jackson with her 30th Billboard Top 100 Top Ten Song

Rihanna Surpasses Michael Jackson with her Billboard Top 100 Top Ten Song