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No doubt, entrepreneurship requires a whole lot of mental energy. With its highs and lows, excitement and fear—which you may feel all at once—there are times when time feels too short and failure seems to be lurking close by. These feelings might not be fun, but they’re normal. After all, choosing entrepreneurship means you are choosing risk, acknowledging that the chance for failure is alive and well.

7 Ways Great Leaders See the Future Differently

The future can be scary--unless you're that special kind of leader who understands some of the central truths that will always remain constant.

7 Things Really Bold People Do

7 Things Really Bold People Do | Boldness is a leadership trait to be mastered. Here are actions that make bold people admirable. Bold people recognize that a single victory is not enough to sustain leadership. They work to create a series of actions that help the team gather confidence, speed, and power.

How #VoIP and #UC Improve the #customerexperience - #TheVoIPReport via YourDailyTech

6 Ways to Deal With Frustrating People

6 Ways to Deal With Frustrating People♦ Diversity of opinion can be very helpful, but so often these people will intentionally or unintentionally slow you down or block your way.