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The Gospel According to Rome: Comparing Catholic Tradition and the Word of God by James G. McCarthy,

As catholics we do not worship Mary because as the commandments tell us, we worship only God. But as the Mother of God, the Mother of our catholic faith, we honor her as our own Mother too.

DYING TO SELF! I Die you? #PrayersNTimeOfNeed #Agrainofmustardseed reaching the world w/the word of God 1 SEED at a time

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Boy Wanders Onto Stage To Hang Out With Pope Francis

Pope Francis. Preaches love and kindness and shows it in his own life. This little boy wandered on stage with the pope during a speech and many officials tried to pull the boy away. The Pope made them stop and let the boy hang out with him. Hero.

"Never let your home be without a crucifix upon its walls, to the end that all who enter it may know that you are a disciple of a Crucified Lord, and that you are not ashamed to own it." — Saint Jean Vianney, Catechism on Home Life

Prayer For Employment - Found this in a local Catholic bookstore and had to buy it. This is on one side of a prayer card for employment. I gave the card to my daughter and hope it helps her find a job!

Seven sacraments. I truly love how clear these old holy cards and pictures used to be: we can see here that the Sacraments are the action of the Holy Spirit of God working through matter. Why have we shied away from the basic Catholic belief that we are not matter or spirit, but matter AND spirit?

ACCU-Gel Highlighters Study Kit G T Luscombe

Communion of Saints tapestries at the LA Cathedral. Catholics are color blind, we have no nation, their are no borders or fences; we are one body.