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  • Read123 Dyslexia

    The world is Technicolour, and in the case of Dyslexics and struggling readers this literally can be the case. Like a good book, their whole world opens up with coloured overlays.

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When evaluating necessary professional development programs, consider connecting with our professional writing consultant and author, Darren J. Butler. ‪#‎edchat‬

When evaluating necessary professional development programs, consider connecting with our professional writing consultant and author, Darren J. Butler. ‪#‎edchat‬

Weekly Writer is a kindergarten through eighth grade, cloud based writing resource.

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"It's blended learning. It's helping the kids prepare for writing skills that they will use in later grades. It really helps serve as a foundation for what our teachers are trying to do."- Thomas Casteel, Principal at Cherokee Elementary School. Read about our goal to inspire student writing via The TimesDaily. #edchat #literacy

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Pictures are worth many words. Encourage your students to write about what they think, what they see and how they feel. It can be a magical experience for everyone. #edchat

Teaching about Earth Day and environmental responsibility in the classroom is an important first step. Children want to be active participants in worthwhile and helpful projects. #edchat

I Struggle with Teaching Writing- Teaching children to write well is one of the most valuable skills they can be taught. It is a skill that can be consistently practiced every day, in every subject. ‪#‎edchat‬ ‪#‎WeeklyWriter‬

By subscribing to Weekly Writer, teachers receive: *A flexible 36 week scope and sequence *Lessons designed by a working professional writer and consultant & certified by educational specialists in early childhood, elementary and junior high *Kindergarten through eighth grade lesson access *Alignment with Common Core Standards

We had quite an emotional morning of teaching yesterday with the awesome students of St. Joseph Regional Catholic School. The "Won't You Be My Neighbor" writing lesson really got the students excited about writing. How did your students like the lesson? #edchat #literacy

Happy "Won't You Be My Neighbor" Day! In recognition of an amazing educator, Mr. Fred Rogers, we have created a lesson plan perfect for students of all ages. Have a wonderful first day of spring, and be sure to wear your sweater because, "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"! #edchat #FredRogers

What theater arts brings to the table is a way to help teach students subjects they may struggle understanding and to become more proficient. This is the value for the use of our techniques and tools in a 21st century classroom. #edchat #literacy #theater

Governor Robert Bentley met with our CEOs this afternoon. While discussing education in Alabama, we shared our online publication, Weekly Writer, and its goal to improve literacy. ‪#‎edchat‬ ‪#‎literacy‬