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The imperial family of Austria celebrating Christmas. You can see the last empress of Austria, Zita on the right side, surrounded by her kids. After her husband's death in 1922, Zita only wore black clothes. This photo also shows the family in exile on Madeira. Photographed by H. Schuhmann, Vienna, Austria, around 1923.

with a traim going around the bottom...which never was a breeze, put my dad into a frenzy on the tree setting up day, ha!! along with the "testing" of the light strings!!!! oh my!! how bout your house??/

Add fillers to make the tree look fuller; you can use green tinsel, artificial spruce garlands or green tulle or netting, woven into the branches

Found this and reminded me of Christmas when I was little... same kind of tree (although we had a light wheel behind it casting different colors) and the old TV.... :)

PINK Christmas tinsel tree!!! Bebe'!!! Love the pink and gold ornaments on the hot pink tree!!!

Oh! The days of icicles ~ I remember taking them off after Christmas. they were everywhere. We had to save them for next year.

Tinsel Rain ~~~ it always seemed to fall to me to place the icicles/tinsel just right on the tree!! Notice the "Made in the USA"!

When I was little, I thought trees decorated with tons of icicles like this were gorgeous!