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I guarantee you this will be one of the best movies with some cool spins you will watch in a while. Trust me!

"The Perfect Host" OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER: “John is a criminal. Warwick is a gentleman. But some people are not who they appear to be.” “The Perfect Host” is a twisted tale of some off-kilter people trying to get through the day--as best they can. For full movie review and recipe for Slow Roast Duck visit: -Chef Bradley Borchardt #BITTERCHEF #TASTYFLIX #EXPANDINGPALATES

“I Am Love” aka “Lo Sono L’Amore” is a film that chronicles an “old money” upper class family in Milan. I especially liked the role that food plays in this film; in how it connects you to your past and how it can initiate a new path for your life. For full movie review and recipe for Ucha (Russian Fish Soup also spelled Uha, Ukha) visit: -Chef Bradley Borchardt #BITTERCHEF #TASTYFLIX #EXPANDINGPALATES