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By this time I should already know that there are very fool people in this world or very missinformed or not in the best conditions to learn.

.....like pens, tape, erasers, my sunglasses....my READING glasses....oh hey look, a terrier...I don't own a dog...


I see this says "Curly" hair problem. I lack curls but have the density and thickness thing down.

curly hair problems | grrrrrrr!

Curly Hair Problem Breaking a clip while you're wearing it and randomly discovering pieces of it in your hair for the next few days.

Curly Hair Problems

I hate showering in the morning, but when I take a shower, I can throw my hair in a nice bun.

I've almost never NOT had this happen to me....it's like a constant battle drying my hair....haha


It's crazy-thick. I always feel bad and leave completely wet.