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    HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my good mate and miApples US Editor .. BRANDON! http://miapplesinteractive.blogspot.com/2015/03/happy-21st-birthday-to-my-good-mate-and.html HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, #21stBirthday, #BrandonFollett, #miApples, #miApples,

  • Jewl Thielsen

    Funny Happy Birthday - Bing Images

  • Lisette Garcia

    21st birthday cake. It's funny cuz it's true! @Kimberley Slawson Tramper for my birthday lol

  • Tami Ann

    21st Birthday Cake. Also a likely Bachelorette party cake!!

  • Brittany Black

    Bachelorette cake, these are so funny

  • Kristen Leenerman

    21st Birthday Cake idea, so funny!

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So funny! I want everyone I know to watch this! tears are running down my eyes!!!

THIS IS ME!!! Every last one of them! :) too funny!

For. Real.

Haha took me a minute but I want to do that!


Hell ya, you will!!

Hahaha! Oh, Christian pick up lines...

So glad my boyfriend doesn't have a Pinterest....33 harmless April Fools jokes. :) Will have to try these.. Mmmmhahahahah

Hahahahaha! I will write this in a birthday card!!


there doesnt always need to be haters


yeah I got it

Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.

white bikini funny

Oh Channing!!!!

Family photo -- I can't stop laughing at this dog's feet!

I love this

Haa! Every time!


This girl has a blog where she tries everything she sees on pinterest. I read 2 entries and laughed so I'm pinning to read more later. Very funny

So glad my husband doesn't have a Pinterest....33 harmless April Fools jokes. :) Will have to try these next yr.

Puppies :)

seriously roflmao....