cottage in the woods. this is all i would need.

Olympia Eld Inlet Cabin Remodel and Studio Addition. Not an A-Frame, strictly speaking, but a lovely loft with lovely ironwork.


Rustic Kitchen

small rustic cabin plans | Tiny House & Small Cabin Restoration Pics. rustic small cabin plans ...How wide? Bathroom with eco resin behind couch light comes through but can not see through

Industrial Studio with Loft

Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy

log cabin

such a pretty colour, and a lovely island

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Large rustic stone shower for the you don't have to go through the hassle of cleaning a glass door.

kanga 480sqft cottage 04 367x600 480 Sq. Ft. Kanga Cottage Cabin with Screened Porch

Every log cabin needs a porch and a canoe. Cute. I would love a vacation cabin someday.

what a nook!!

Located in Shafer, Minnesota, this adorable 384 sq. ft. cabin is called the Practice House for a reason. It was built by a couple who wanted to fine tune their building skills before constructing their own permanent home.

Old Wood the cabin kitchen.

Great hideaway bed/couch design idea that you can use in a cabin, A-frame, or tiny house.. via... FB Tiny House Talk..

10 Attic Loft Bedrooms, Rustic Edition | An attic bedroom at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, complete with swing.

Oh. Em. Gee.

guest tree house