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    Image detail for -Fawn - Wild Animals Wallpaper (2603084) - Fanpop fanclubs

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    Free Deer In The Grass Wallpapers, Deer In The Grass Pictures, Deer In The Grass Photos, Deer In The Grass #10137 1280X1024 wallpaper

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    mule deer fawn

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Fallow Deer in a Fairytale World by Roeselien Raimond via Flickr

Deer: Path of the heart, reclaiming our truth and innocence, regal, gentle yet fierce. Awareness of the subtle energies and truths that surround us. This sweet deer photo gets many re-pins. I think its the sweet gentleness there in the expression.

Mama Deer with Her could anyone kill animals as peaceful as them

Male Deer or 'Buck' or could be an Elk, calling to the female or 'Doe.' Autumn is 'Rutting' or mating season, with young deer or 'Fawn' born in the coming Spring. The male deer's antlers fall off and re-grow every season. On second thought...This deer could be just yawning and not calling for a mate. Photo by...?

Ideas for keeping deer out of your garden; planting deer resistant flowers, vegetables deer dislike, deer fencing, motion-activated sprinklers, etc.

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