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śpiące koty

Sleepy kitties - I so could have been the crazy cat lady, but I fought it! I so like photos however, and visiting others with Cats.

So beautiful So cute

So beautiful So cute

This would be perfect to practice on in Val Webb's online class of Painting Dogs & Cats!

Simplemente adorable, los animales siempre enseñando a los humanos, I love it!

A man and his bears.

This man rescued a Grizzly Bear cub and raised it, now the bear pretty much thinks he's a human too. quite amazing actually

Unete al lado oscuro…

This makes me think of a little brother . "right before the picture is snapped, I will lick the back of his neck!

I remember a great cat named Purity. White with blue eyes❤️

Just Funny Photos Of Cats Sitting Like Humans

Beautiful blue eyes--white blue-eyed cats are deaf but oh so lovable

Hey guys Im still the same person but as soon as I figure out how to get my drawings on pintrest I will draw any warrior cat (in books) you want me to!

(^_^) Oh meoowww! I must be most pinned Cutest Kitten in all of Pinterest.com! ^_^ Meooow!!  They know . Like I'm not even joking I'll go sleep on the car at night but no  and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

How Do It on - Well gooood morning! I crashed so early last night! Hope you have a fun day ahead of you beautiful. You'll be on my mind as usual :) wish we were spending it together!

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat

What Beautiful Eyes - 19th July 2014

Looks just like one of my prior kitty-Spooky, still miss him years latter.

Oliver and Arashi. Too damn cute!!!!

oliver and Arashi

Funny pictures about The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever. Oh, and cool pics about The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever. Also, The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever photos.