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Changing the Face of #Mobile #Gaming

Most companies are using or plan to use cloud services, but everyone's journey to the cloud will be unique. This infographic outlines the various platforms in that journey and how to keep your data secure as your data centre evolves from physical to virtual to cloud. It also shows adoption rates for the various stages of the journey, based upon a recent Trend Micro cloud survey.

PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming

The Android operating system has been designed for the touch screen market and therefore to be as user friendly as possible. To respond to natural human movements, all the programmers are using these natural interfaces. Programmers have a description for it – direct manipulation – meaning you can actually touch the computer and have something happen – like moving icons around by just dragging them with your finger.

Mobile phone gaming is adding a small contribution for this purpose. The area of mobile phone gaming had expanded so large that it has created its own separate market. From Tetris- the first ever game in mobile- to Angry birds-todays’ most popular game, mobile phone gaming has gone through vast advancement. The result is thus mobile phone gaming is the most popular category of mobile application.

1000+ fully editable PSD elements like widgets, buttons, interactions and more

This article is a full guide about the use of Google Analytics in WordPress. We will do a brief review about the Google Analytics service.


Savvy Shopper

Revamp Your Approach to Saving: Traditional to Digital Shopping Behavior

Lenovo ThinkPad X131 Price in India, Specifications and Review. Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook is education based notebook that runs on Google Chrome OS platform.

Recently released crime figures have brought out the fact that in the first 8 months of 2012, 264 mobile phone thefts were reported to the police every day. Ever-increasing research and availability of new added features, every other day, have turned mobiles into SmartPhones.

What is best for gaming, consoles or PC? That’s a hotly debated topic amongst gamers and neither the enthusiasts of consoles nor the PC owners would budge an inch from their claim! But the fact remains that before the advent of consoles, PC used to be the defacto gaming medium and over the course of time has accumulated some truly timeless titles.

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Apple Didn’t Invent That [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business cards have been used to share contact details and other business-related information for centuries, but today—as more of our business lives have become entangled with the web—using your business cards to link to your business online has become increasingly important.