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Pre-recruitment program is designed to benefits both B24 e Solutions, in its search for the industry ready software engineers and those who participate in the program, by matching suitably skilled individuals to available experts. In this way, we can support young people to access new employment opportunities. If you successfully complete a pre-recruitment program you will have an excellent chance of securing employment.

Hire B24 professionals to develop you own Finance Mobile Application Development for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows and fulfill your business needs.

B24 e solutions is one of the leading provider of mobile gaming solutions and other mobility services exclusively for all smartphone operating systems.

Most companies are using or plan to use cloud services, but everyone's journey to the cloud will be unique. This infographic outlines the various platforms in that journey and how to keep your data secure as your data centre evolves from physical to virtual to cloud. It also shows adoption rates for the various stages of the journey, based upon a recent Trend Micro cloud survey.

The Android operating system has been designed for the touch screen market and therefore to be as user friendly as possible. To respond to natural human movements, all the programmers are using these natural interfaces. Programmers have a description for it – direct manipulation – meaning you can actually touch the computer and have something happen – like moving icons around by just dragging them with your finger.

Mobile phone gaming is adding a small contribution for this purpose. The area of mobile phone gaming had expanded so large that it has created its own separate market. From Tetris- the first ever game in mobile- to Angry birds-todays’ most popular game, mobile phone gaming has gone through vast advancement. The result is thus mobile phone gaming is the most popular category of mobile application.