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  • B24 e solutions

    Magento is a rich open source platform for Ecommerce development solutions which proffers great suppleness, scalability and functionality to the online store. We at B24esolutions provides best services of magento ecommerce development and custom magento development

  • Neetu Sharma

    Specialized in iphone , ipad , android and other mobile application and gaming solutions

  • B24 e solutions

    ame development and designing has been our forte for years and during this span we have served various applications on many platforms including Mobile, Handheld, PC and Video Game console by making use of running technology. B24 e solutions has worked on various platforms and boosts of an extensive knowledge on each platform. To comprehend the complexity of projects as well as distribute all resources equally we get into the details before the actual execution.

  • B24 e solutions

    B24 expert Magento web programmers understands well the intricacies of this platform and hence tenders expert online shopping cart solutions.

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B24 provides SaaS software development solutions for the mobile web to increase customer demand of extremely approachable design tool which will offer Custom Banner Tool, Online iPhone Design Application and much more.

Protecting your data and device is not as simple as just locking your phone. Make sure your information remains private by curing all possible sources of leaks.

Foreign exchange trading has evolved together with technology over the years, with the level of innovation staying high at all times.

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 Million users, while it took the iPhone 2 only 2 years to reach that figure. In 2011 around $1 Billion was spent in mobile advertising, analysts expect it to be $4 Billion in 2015. Times are changing, over 50% of all purchases are preceded by internet search.

Cell Phone Timeline 1 How far mobile phones have come in the past 31 years: Its infographic time! May be a good way to tie in evolution in biology.

Most companies are using or plan to use cloud services, but everyone's journey to the cloud will be unique. This infographic outlines the various platforms in that journey and how to keep your data secure as your data centre evolves from physical to virtual to cloud. It also shows adoption rates for the various stages of the journey, based upon a recent Trend Micro cloud survey.

Mobile usage is sky rocketing, check out our infographic detailing why and how!

How Puzzle & Dragons Makes Millions Everyday

As our love of mobile devices grows, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that we’re also consuming more media via those smaller screens. But when you start digging into the numbers, the actual amount that we’re preferring to use them is somewhat staggering.

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When it comes to Apple’s powerful and popular iPhone, it seems that there’s very little the mobile device isn’t able to streamline and simplify.