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Cast iron columns in Oxford's museum of Natural History

Thomas Newenham Deane and Benjamin Woodward. Oxford University Museum of Natural History 1861 Photographer Lawrence OP

The_Pulpit_of_the_University_St_Mary_the_Virgin_Oxford.jpg (3072×2304)

The_Pulpit_of_the_University_St_Mary_the_Virgin_Oxford.jpg (3072×2304)

Column in Pantheon--Rome

Popular tourist destinations In Rome. Ok so you want to visit one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, aka Rome, the question is, what tourist attractions can you see in Rome and what is their history

Magdalen Bridge

The Residence of Magdalen (pronounced "mord-lin") and the Bridge.

La Corte Suprema, Washington DC

Supreme Court, Building, Washington DC How can you stand on these steps and walk up to those heavily carved doors and not be awestruck, and breathe a prayer for America?

Italianate church in Wilton (via @artichoke_ltd)

Andrew Petherick on

Breathtaking detail from the Wilton Italianate Church, England (my favourite building)