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    this makes me happy omg



    These idiots<<<<couldn't have said it better myself, but they're our idiots

    He just likes cheesesteaks this is literally my favorite calum moment in history

    Haha Ashton trying to describe the album. Lol "c'mon boys, help me out. I'm not a dictionary!"

    yet this is the guy that was sad at the end of Amnesia. get more only on freefacebookcover...

    I thought about this yesterday, while I was in the car with my parents and I was listening to the song with earbuds in. And out loud I say "So you want me to drown?!?" And my parents think I'm crazy lol


    Michael Clifford


    hes probably just caught in traffic or something like australia is over seas that takes a while



    Cuties :)<<< OMG Aston Irwin crinkles his nose!! I REPEAT ASTON IRWIN CRINKLES HIS NOSE GUYS

    Nearly crying

    Calum..... You are solo SASSY! Girl please! Xx

    Michael Clifford! 5SOS, 5 Seconds of Summer! Funny!

    I love that pig head Michael is so funny!

    That was the best I have been a fan for a while and I'm so proud of the 5sos boys

    Luke Hemmings #5sos #shelookssoperfect