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Holy mother of supidity! Please do not squat on a firkin' ball. Nothing but terra firma for squats please. Don't give me that 'functional training' garbage either. It doesn't get any more functional that a basic squat. This is just at it's best, er worst.

A Gibson Girl in her corset in the early 1900s Heureusement nous avons évolué , mais toujours nous nous torturons eds parties de corps pour séduire les ou un homme(s)) ,Quand seront nous enfin réellement libres, nous sommes faussement libérées du joug sexuel machiste;

Yeah, I’m going to have to pass…

Not a Single Damn of the Day Redditor Jillillac submitted this photo of two rock climbers enjoying a moment of peace while suspended mid-air on a portaledge, a deployable hanging tent system typically used for big wall climbs that span over several days.

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