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eBooks: The Final Chapter for Textbooks? As students become more and more dependent on digital technology, including mobile devices and e-readers, do textbooks stand a chance at survival?

Hey, they forgot some. Like, writing a paragraph following a very strict formula, or filling in bubbles, or generally staying inside the lines and inside the box. New Skills for a New Age from Edutopia

L’histoire de la technologie dans la classe on

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Can I Use it? Copyright in #education Flowchart

These days, college students (like most people) are constantly connected to their mobile devices, texting, tweeting, listening to music, etc.  However, they are also using technology for educational purposes.  The following infographic shows how applications, or apps, are impacting students’ education. I need all the help I can get! haha.

SAMR made easy with Google Apps.#GAFE transforming #learnining. #edtech #infographic

Excellent Outline! ->Blogging in the Classroom Infographic #blogging #teaching #students #edtech #digital #citizenship #edudemic #literacy #techiekids

BYOD: The Good the Bad the Ugly infographic

Many people associate 21st century learning with digital technology; this is a misconception since 21st century education goes far beyond technology. The principal purpose of 21st education is to provide students with a set of skills that will be needed for success in the global workplace (creativity, collaboration, critical-thinking and communication); Med's infographic illustrates 21st century learning and thinking skills perfectly ... thanks for sharing

Active Learning Infographic

Graduating with Technology