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So let me get this straight! This WHOLE time I've been telling my kids there's no such thing as monsters. We've been swimming with THIS!!!!!! SO FREAKING GROSSED OUT TICKED!!!


Mini Sea Dragon Creature found in Califonia

Actually, I can only find two pictures on the internet of this so called sea creature that looks like a dragon. One is a pinterest image that is a share from the only other picture, which is found on Video Burglar, with the only text being, "This sea creature was found in California. No one is...

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5 obnoxiously terrifying sea animal mouths [7 pictures]

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The 10 Wildest Pregnancies in the Animal Kingdom

Frilled Angel Shark-gestation is approximatly 3 1/2 yrs. They live in the deep depths of the ocean and Sunami's is usually the only time they're seen. They are an eel-like animal but are of the shark family.

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Pets flower crown wedding spring rose doll hair accessories small animals headgear rabbit lace ribbon

A halo of sweet pastel flowers for small animals. Soft pink and white roses accompanied by pastel yellow and lilac flowers is reminisce of

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Cyclops of the Sea: Pictures of a One-Eyed Shark

Cyclops of the Sea: Pictures of a One-Eyed Shark | Embryonic Albino One-Eyed Shark | Sharks, Marine Life & Oceans