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Double-Braided Messy Ponytail - cute style for the summer

Holiday hair takes a new twist with an easy approach to this professional style. Create a spiral lace braid yourself: 1) Make high ponytail. 2) Pull a section from the top, braid it, and secure it with a small, clear elastic at its end. 3) Wrap the braid around your ponytail, adding a few bobby-pins to keep hair in place. 4) Wrap ends of the braid and ponytail together with another small, clear elastic. Perfect for both work and festivities!

Really pretty

rose pony braid! a perfect 10 minute hairstyle to keep it cute all summer!


pony tail + fishtail braid

Braided pony.

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I have to do this..

As one of the only girls left in the world who doesn't know how to french braid her hair: Where has this tutorial been all my life!?

twists and braids

How to do a Mohawk Braid: 1. Section off hair at crown of head and spray roots with Lock It Bold Control Hairspray 2. Braid section in dutch braid from center back; fasten halfway down. 3. Spray roots with Boost It High-Lift Creation Spray. 4. Gather all of hair into a ponytail and secure. 5. Gently pull through sides of braid. 6. Gather small section of hair from underneath, wrap around ponytail, and fasten with bobby pin. 7. Finish with Lock It Bold Control Hairspray

The "messy braid"

Holiday Half Updo

'Lots of little braids

For another upgrade to the average ponytail, try creating a small braid at the side of your head, continuing down to the roots, and securing with a clear elastic hair tie ($6). Next, gather the...

Messy Pony

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