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John Steinbeck

Love this quote. <3

Thing just explains me so well

Hermione Granger

Your actions speak louder than words

winter time :)

Fuck this bullshit. I'll be both. Or neither. Or Saturday and fucking Friday night too, because this is subtle slut shaming and that is NOT OKAY. If someone wants fun, they can have it. If they want intimacy, that too. If neither or both, nobody else gets to dictate that.

things i love about fall ... breaking out extra blankets


every day...

This is a quote to help us climb the mountain and breathe because we discovered who we are on the way up!

A good thing for my brainbox to remember.


#winter #Christmas #xmas #weihnachten #snow ☆

Love this tumblr for reading recommendations and quotes

things i love about winter

Cold Night. Large Sweater. Warm Tea. Good Book. Soft Socks. And Box of Chocolate. My favorite things!!!