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This is probably from a disney store but this is adorable! Beauty and the beast was my favorite when I was little!

Ok so here's the thing im pretty sure i like all three hot cocoa is yummmm i like tea with honey and i don't really drink coffee but i love coffee ice cream so im pretty sure i'd like at least the sweeter coffees but i'll be honest my favorite is... milk with cereal cereal is my life

I'd love to have someone say this instead of only being there for people to talk about the bad, and theirs aren't even as bad as mine

Hush now, dear ones. You're both loved equally!

from Etsy

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FAN-FICTION || ☕️ CUP OF HOTNESS CAFE || || Meet cafe owners Saffire and Saffron Ryu whose 5:00 a.m. work schedules have them screaming for coffee. Watch them mellow out and fall in love despite insurmountable odds and complicated love triangles.