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    Top Ten Rarest Gemstones Fun Facts | BluPhire

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    Black Opal Blue Fire..

    2.44 Carat Black Opal

    Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral, a relatively rare phosphate mineral.


    ContraLuz Opal museum grade collector stone rare by KalliopeBeads on Etsy

    Black Opal "Stardust"

    Rainbow opal

    Eruption: Rare Asteria Starburst Pattern Lightning Ridge Picture stone Black Opal 0.7 Carat on Etsy, $1,400.00 AUD

    Rare and renowned Red-on-Black Opal - “The Flame Queen” / 263.18 carats / Australia



    Mexican cantera opal


    = o - a 306 carat black opal some Australian dude spent 2 years chiseling out of rock with a dental drill. Hid it under his mattress for 12 years (of course) and it's now up for grabs in Vegas... for $3 mill.

    "Picasso" Weighing 1047 carats

    Milenyum Mining cut this 121.65-carat pear-shaped csarite from a 430-gram (2,150-carat) piece of rough. The company said it expects the stone to retail for close to $1 million.

    Jelly Opal , Queensland, Australia

    Queensland Boulder Opal Solid -

    Snow White Australian Opal Stone Cabochon 15 mm by FenderMinerals,