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Carved Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant - Opals-On-Black

yellow tanzanite very rare

Black Opal Blue Fire..

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A 733 carat black star sapphire that was originally used as a doorstop!! Named “The Black Star of Queensland,” the humble gemstone that spent nine years as a doorstop is now set majestically as a pendant framed by 35 diamonds. It’s valued at approximately 80 million dollars and is considered one of the most famous sapphires in the world.

2.44 Carat Black Opal


Queensland Boulder Opal Solid -

Rare Ammolite Ammonite Gem Stone from Canada

Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral, a relatively rare phosphate mineral.

ContraLuz Opal museum grade collector stone rare by KalliopeBeads on Etsy


Black Opal "Stardust"

Jeremejevite: One of the most rarest crystals on earth




Eruption: Rare Asteria Starburst Pattern Lightning Ridge Picture stone Black Opal 0.7 Carat on Etsy, $1,400.00 AUD

Mexican cantera opal

Rare and renowned Red-on-Black Opal - “The Flame Queen” / 263.18 carats / Australia