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Graveyard Glass Series by Daniel Maher

Green Glass Window Made Using the Bottoms of Wine Bottles & Depression Era Serving Platters! What a unique way to preserve and display memories from special bottles of vino! #hammocking, #green, #reuse, #recycle,

Recycled Glass Bottle Inspiration. Much of the glass we throw out is not recycled, because different glass has different melting points, and recyclers only melt the most common containers. To reuse your old glass, all you need is access to a kiln and some glass bottles. andielamb

How to Flatten Wine Bottles

These flatten wine bottles make perfect serving trays for your cheese and meats assortment. Completely ups the status of your next dinner party, and recycles and reuses wine bottles in a fabulous new way. DIY instructions here:

Two Flower Windows Detail, from the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, Chicago. Poppies always remind me of my Gma Anderson.